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Life Insurance

It has been said that life insurance is the best of all associated efforts yet conceived for the health of society.  For one, it encourages people to guard their health, activities and conduct.  But it also reduces the potential of poverty for people when a breadwinner dies. Simply put, life insurance is a guarantee that death of a loved one will not create financial hardship.

The options and strategies involved with qualifying for and purchasing life insurance are vast, yet simple to understand.  People can usually decide what their wishes are and purchase a plan that is personally perfect and suitable.  Purchasing life insurance for the inevitable event of death is one of the most humbling, yet liberating experiences for anyone who feels at least partly responsible for the well being of someone they love, be it a wife, husband, brother, sister, mother, or child.

Medicare Supplements

Of the 314 million people in America, about 50 million are Medicare beneficiaries.   Original Medicare does not pay for all medical, dental, or prescription drug needs that many Americans depend on.   Therefore, your understanding of exactly what services are covered is the first step in determining whether one’s coverage is adequate for them.  After this review people typically will conclude that supplementing their Medicare coverage is a cost-effective way of receiving healthcare services they want, at costs they can predict and afford.   Medicare Supplements can be the guarantee that people purchase to ensure financial stability when medical bills pile up.

Hospital Plans

In order to reduce the cost of your insurance, it is common for co-pay amounts and deductibles to increase.  In addition (although not as frequently talked about) insurance companies will sometimes broaden coverage gaps – especially in hospital related coverage.  Because hospitalizations are expensive, even people with good insurance are commonly billed large sums of money, which they are responsible to pay out of their own pockets.  Individual hospital plans are a good companion to your standard insurance, especially for plans with large gaps in hospital coverage. These plans can also be purchased to provide some protection for those who cannot afford a full coverage type plan.  Hospital plans are inexpensive, yet provide a wealth of protection in many ways.  They are here to stay simply because they make sense and serve an important need for millions of Americans.

Cancer Plans

Let’s face it, cancer is here and in one way or another we are all being affected by it.  According to the American Cancer Society our odds are less than favorable.  In fact, their data illustrates that 1 in 2 males and 1 in 3 females will develop cancer in an invasive site.  We all have witnessed cancer’s destruction and healthcare costs rapidly rise in its wake.  With these odds we each must educate ourselves and be prepared should we find ourselves on the unfriendly side of a statistic.  We must ask ourselves questions like – how much will my plan pay for cancer treatment?  Does it pay for travel? And what about lost income?  The good news is that for those that don’t like the standard answers to these questions, there are cancer plans.  With a cancer plans people can arm themselves for potentially costly and life-threatening battles, without breaking the bank.

Dental Plans

Dental health tends to be neglected when proper dental coverage is not in place. By the time those without coverage get treatment, issues that would typically be preventable have often occurred. Treatment for these issues can be very costly. Current trends are showing an increased interest and participation in individual dental coverage because of a lack of availability through standard employer coverage. Finding proper dental coverage can prove to be daunting because many people do not think about getting it or realize that they need it until they have a dental issue. The good news is that there are individual dental plans that are both effective and affordable. People who have reviewed their options are quickly seeing the value in individual dental plans and are enrolling every day!

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